Tubulovesicle trafficking and exocytosis during gastric acid secretion by parietal cells.

Enteroendocrine hormone cholecystokinin-induced Ca2+ increase in intracellular calcium in enteric glial cells (Cells were loaded with Fluo 4-AM Ca2+ sensing dyes).

Forskolin-induced Ca2+ release from tubulovesicles in parietal cells (Genetically encoded Ca2+ sensor GCaMP3 was expressed in mouse parietal cells).

Removal of fast N-type inactivation of A-type K+ channels by pharmacological modulators.

The current-voltage relationship (I−V curve) of voltage-gated K+ channels.

Pharmacological inhibition of voltage-gated K+ channels.

Structure and function of the A-type K+ channels ball domain (amino acids 1-62).